Water Tanks
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water storage tanks, water tank National Plastics are manufacturers and suppliers of water storage tanks, water tank.

Water Tanks


Water Tank India

  Water Tanks, Water Storage Tanks Manufacturer

National Plastics is a leader in manufacturing Water Storage Tanks that are lighter, stronger and more cost effective than other materials. Our Water Tanks are built to withstand and adapt to one of the harshest and most diverse environments. We provide an all-round service in Ahmedabad, Surat, Vapi and Rajkot.

We assure you to give quality water tank which suits your needs. Our Plastic Storage Tanks are very versatile, with range of 20 stylish colours and are offered in capacities of 340 litres all the way through to 34,000 litres.


Our Water Tanks are used for various applications like:


  • Dairy Farms for storing drinking water
  • Golf course irrigation water
  • Other livestock farms for drinking water, storage and power wash water